DBS Hybrid KWS

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DBS surf is made for flying with comfort and agility.  This is the largest board in the KWS series which makes it the easiest for early planning and stability.  The volume on the tail is for stability, simplicity and ease of take off to enjoy small waves with little power.  DBS 6’1” is equipped with front strap inserts so you can also use it to kite and wake foil. 

6’1” x 22” x 3” : 54L

DBS Shape
Progressive rocker and wide point forward for easy wave entry

Wide tail and generous volume for great stability

Deep single concave for great drive into and through carving turns (without foil)

Foot Strap Inserts
Multiple footstrap inserts for unmatched versatility

Reinforcement PVC Under Foil Postion
Double US foil box for easy tuning