V100 All Round Hybrid Foil.

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Known worldwide, V100 has built its reputation as an easy and very progressive all-around foil!  One foil does it all…Surf, SUP to all types of wind water-sports.

Front Wing

Size: 59cm x 26cm

Construction: Pre-preg carbon 3k

Designed for :

  •  Easiest Takeoff and riding
  •  Progressive and very accessible
  •  Easy and stable low speed foiling


Size: 60cm

Construction: Aluminum alloy anodized

Available options:

  • Replacement base plates available
  • Multiple mast sizes available (40/50/60/80cm)

Rear Wing

Size: 38cm x 11cm

Construction: Pre-preg carbon 3k

Designed for:

  •  All round use
  •  Easy and comfortable ride 

Base Plate (top plate)

Size: Universal 16.5cm x 9cm

Construction: Aluminum alloy anodized with EVA protection

Foil box: 2 standard US boxes at 90mm spacing compatible with FoilMount