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Customize your foil!  Takuma’s extruded aluminum alloy masts are the best option to get the perfect riding height for your hydrofoil no matter what the watersport.  These masts are anodized and very durable and their price makes them a no brainer for customization.  It is really easy to change and adapt to different foil systems with plates and adapters as well.


40cm Mast
Easy to learn and suited for use in schools

50cm Mast
Easy to learn and great for shallow water 

60cm Mast
All around mast included on V100 foil.  Easy learn and progress

70cm Mast
This is an all around mast with better pumping and glide than 60cm mast.  It is also the freeride kite and windsurf mast iIncluded on V50, V400, and V900

80cm Mast
This is a better pumping mast with even more glide than the 70cm, but more challenging for new riders.  It is also recommended for freeride kite and windsurf as well as downwind open ocean swell surfing.

90cm Mast
Freeride kite and windsurf mast