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This is the Most compact foil board ever!  The MINI will give you the highest performance pumping ability and most extreme response while foiling.  Thanks to its volume, which is relatively high for its size and its bevel rails, it is a super fun foil board to surf in mushy small waves. 

Due to its very compact shape and foot strap inserts, the MINI is also the best choice for kitefoil.  It is easy to get up on and fun to ride.

4’6” x 20” x 3” : 38L

Highly compact and good for pumping ability, high performance riding, and responsiveness

Bevel Rail
Beveled rails and big “V” bottom give this board a great low speed takeoff and very responsive feel on the water

Foot Strap Inserts
Multiple footstrap inserts for unmatched versatility.  Use footstraps for kitesurf foil or surf foil.

Reinforcement PVC Under Foil Postion
Double US foil box for easy tuning