V50 Pack Hybrid Weapon.

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Optimize your ride with a new Hybrid weapon V50. Designed to perform with speed on waves,thanks to its profile and progressive shape,it becomes the best kite and windsurf freeride foil in very light to strong windy conditions alike.

Front Wing

Size: 59.5cm x 22cm

Construction: Pre-preg carbon 3k

Designed for:

  •  Accessibiliy and progressive freeride kite and windsurf
  •  Excellent low speed performance for surf
  •  Easy to maneuver and control in high and low speed
  •  Progressive lift


Size: 70cm
Construction: Aluminum alloy anodized

Available options:

  • Replacement base plates available
  • Multiple mast sizes available (40/50/60/80cm)

Rear Wing

Size: 41cm x 9.5cm

Construction: Pre-preg carbon 3k

Designed for:

  • Freeride use
  • Easy to control speed and hydrofoil height on the water
  • Maximum Maneuverability 

Hybrid Base Plate (top plate)

Size: Universal 16.5cm x 9cm

Construction: Aluminum alloy anodized with EVA protection

Foil box:

2 standard US boxes at 90mm spacing compatible with FoilMount.
Includes 4 universal attachment points plus 2 extra inner attachment points for windsurfing.