ZK Sup Hydrofoil Board.

Regular price $999.00 Sale price $850.00

This board’s unique shape and waterline profile breaks the molds of traditional SUP boards giving it distinct advantages over traditional shapes.  The ZK line is 100% dedicated foilboard.  Its shape gives it unmatched popping ability and huge response when maneuvering.  Thanks to its magical bouncy bottom, it also doesn’t stick to the water making it easy to pump and stay on foil in marginal conditions.  Get ready to go and fly!.

6’10” x 26” x 4.5” : 100L
7’5” x 28” x 4.8” : 125L
8’0” x 30” x 5.8” : 155L

ZK Shape
Compact shape, playful and easy to get your feet on the sweet spot

Large Bevel Rail
Large bevel to big “V” bottom for great low speed take off and response on the water

Foot Strap Inserts
Multiple footstrap inserts for unmatched versatility (SUP foil strapped or not)

Reinforcemet PVC Under Foil Position
Double US foil box for easy tuning

Deep “V” and High Volume Tail
Generous volume for great paddling speed and easy takeoff