ZK Hybrid KWS

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New shape in the legendary ZK lineup, the ZK hybrid KWS is 100% dedicated foil board.  Its unique shape offers unmatched popping, pumping, and responsiveness while on the foil.  Its compact and progressive outline will make it easy to get up and go in the waves, and comfort and accessibility on kite and wake foil.  One board does it all !

5’9” x 20” x 3” : 45L

ZK Shape
Compact shape makes it easy to get up and stay up on foil

Large Bevel Rail
Large bevel and big “V” bottom give the board great low speed pop off the water and make it easy to stay up on foil

Foot Strap Inserts
Multible footstrap inserts for maximum versatility, go strapped or not

Reinforcement PVC Under Foil Postion
Double US foil box for easy tuning

Deep “V” and High Volume Tail
Generous volume for great paddling speed and easy pop off the water